I led an OUTC tramp on the weekend up and around Mt Somers in Canterbury. I don’t know why the Club doesn’t head to Canterbury more often as it’s good driving up there with good takeaway options. It was only one tank of gas to Mt Somers return.

Saturday we climbed Mt Somers and continued around the South Face to Woolshed Hut. It was a long day (just under 11 hours) but with some great sections, especially just before we got ot the hut. At the hut we found hordes of Scouts and other trampers, but we managed to find a camp just downstream of the hut.

Sunday was also a perfect day and once we climbed up to the high point it was much easier going – being downhill to Pinnacle Hut and out to the carpark. Unfortunately Moa had a bad knee and was very slow. This meant the group split up causing delays in leaving. Overall it was great weekend away with some good people.