Destiny’s latest media release “New Zealand’s Christian Heritage in Jeopardy” outlines further disenchantment with secular New Zealand.

So-called “Bishop” Tamaki is mostly right when he says:

New Zealand has a significant Christian heritage that has played a major role in shaping our national identity. From the bible in our courts, prayer in parliament to our National Anthem, Christian elements are laced throughout our judicial, political and social arrangements. In fact, Christianity affirms the freedoms our Prime Minister is attempting to espouse in terms of religious diversity. However, she should be secure enough to make it very clear to foreign delegates that New Zealand has an established Christian religion

This merely shows he has some appreciation of New Zealand history. But Christendom is over for New Zealand, and we have never had an “established religion”, despite the Anglican Church having pseudo-establishment status.

The tagline for Destiny’s latest website is “New Zealand’s Christian Heritage in Jeopardy”. Ironically Tamaki is actively breaking with our traditions and is actively importing American Christianity wholesale. Furthermore Tamaki doesn’t wish to maintain our traditions but change them radically to better suit his right wing ideology.

Tamaki’s view won’t be popular (will never be?) in a liberal democracy, where liberal ideology predominates. In modernity the nation cannot be Christian – only individuals, who are free to choose their own flavour of faith, as they would an ice cream. The proposed Statement on Religious Diversity, to which Tamaki is reacting, is a classic statement of liberal tolerance and education to create a harmonious society, with all living in peace. This is a liberal illusion, and just as much wishful thinking as a return to Christendom.

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