Recent reads include:

Anarchism is an average introduction to the ideology of anarchism. It main strength is also its main weakness – the weaving together of contemporary thinkers with the fathers of Anarchism. I was thankful for some leads for my thesis – especially those promoting some reflections on doctrine of humanity and the view of human nature that underpins various political ideologies. Anarchism still has much to teach us about us the underlying assumptions of liberalism and capitalism.

The Godless Constitution is a polemical work targeting those who claim America as a Christian Country. Using historical evidence they try to demolish the argument that America was founded as a Christian nation. On the face of it they seem pretty convincing, but the authors do not address directly those who would claim otherwise. While this is not the scope of the book, not doing so leaves some doubt about the other sides of the argument. Nevertheless it is worth reading, and made me wonder if such explicit statements exist about the secular founding of New Zealand. Historians in this part seem more focused on the evidence of a bi-cultural country, than a religious or secular one.

I’m currently reading Kathryn Tanner’s The Politics of God: Christian Theologies and Social Justice in preparation for the Christian Salvation Conference here at Otago University next week. I have set up a book shop for the Salvation Conference (Otago July 2007) with the books of the two keynote speakers.