Here is a tip for lobbyists:

Promising a helicopter ride will increase the number of MPs who agree to visit your facilities. If you have access to other novelties (rides in a tugboat, visiting an operating theatre, etc), you should consider offering these inducements to attracts MPs to visit you.

This is from page 86 of the lobbying handbook, The Good Lobbyist’s Guide (2003), by Annabel Young, former National Party list MP.

Presumably this would work because a helicopter ride is  not an everyday experience for most MPs, and would offer an unforgettable experience. But it is now a decade since Young offered this advice.

Now it seems that a helicopter ride is so commonplace, that some politicians cannot remember whether they boarded a chopper or not, at least in the case of John Banks:—reports/tabid/817/articleID/252130/Default.aspx